Our Vision

To provide BASIC necessities for Human Survival are Food & Shelter, Protection, Health Care, Security, Recreation & Counseling.


A human can survive few days without food, and few hours without water, but without shelter the thought itself is unimaginable. We have come across many people, whenever we go out of station for vacation or functions for experiencing the memorable movements, etc. the day when we reach home we feel something that we were missing without our knowledge.


  • Protection: Staff has been employed to take care of the aged people by providing them with nutritious food. Providing them with clean and hygienic atmosphere by cleaning the premises with disinfections.
  • Health Care: Trained medical people visit Mother’s Nest on a regular basis and monitor their Blood Pressure and Sugar levels and also check out for any other medical complaints.
  • Security: Founder & President interacts with the Senior Citizens on a daily basis and resolve their problems what so ever it may be.
  • Recreational Facilities: Mother’s Nest provides for daily news paper/ periodicals in English and Telugu, all festivals of all religions are celebrated with enthusiasm.
  • Counseling: President of Mother’s Nest interacts with the Senior Citizens and resolves their problems if any. Religious congregations are held on a regular basis.


On what principles does Mothers' Nest Old Age Home work?

We feel that it is our duty to treat elderly people with love and affection because they just don’t need it, but deserve it! It is the place that you feel most relaxed and happy. Each member of our team is committed for bringing a positive change in their life.

Why we must choose Mothers' Nest Old Age Home?

Mothers’ Nest Old Age Home provides the required need that makes them happy. Our care blended with comfort and compassion puts life back into lives.

Is healthy food provided in your old age home?

Vegetables, fruits everything in our old age home is hygienic. Specialized cooks and diet plans make our inmates enjoy food to their hearts.

Do you have medical team for routine health checkups?

Yes! we have senior medical practitioners and a couple of nurses from Sriya Hospital taking good care of our inmates. They are normally available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and will attend to all emergencies, decide and direct the specific care in consultation with specialists or the medical team every day.

What is the procedure to enroll in your old age home?

We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, age or religion. Neither do we have categories. However, there are certain fundamental aspects as good conduct, clean habits, manners and etiquettes, and flexible nature. We expect that members live cohesively and cooperatively with others. They follow the rules and maintain decorum.

When do my family members will be informed in case of emergency?

Don’t worry about this. We keep contact numbers of your family members at the time of admission and they will be informed immediately as soon as possible.

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